16x increase in content engagement.

Maximize the impact of content

Action Button bridges the gap between media and impact. We maximize the impact of every article by providing readers with recommended actions they can take on issues that inspire them through a seamless experience. Actions include: quizzes, polls, petitions, donations, sign up to volunteer, or geo-locating relevant policymakers.

Make it exciting and personal for readers to engage in content


Readers want to engage more deeply in the stories that inspire them. Action Button keeps this engagement on the page, in the context of your brand and site experience. Between 1-5% of readers initiate actions with a 71% completion rate.

Custom, interactive actions for sponsored content

The ideal call to action for branded content

We partner with brands that want to create a meaningful experience for readers to interact with the causes that matter most to them.

How it works

Action Button partners with world-class publishers to make news actionable. We work with non-profits to feature quality content directly within your publication, so that instead of just consuming your content, readers can take action on your stories. Action Button helps publishers in a number of different ways:

Retain your audience

Embedded actions keep the reader on the page

Connect with reputable causes

All charitable and civic organizations are vetted to the highest standards

Unbiased actions

Use civic contact, poll, and quiz actions that don’t take a side

Asynchronous loading

Actions load after everything else on the page with minimal impact on page speed.

Get in touch with Kira, our Impact Manager, to get started.

What our partners are saying

"VICE Impact will create advocacy initiatives that leverage the content creation and distribution capabilities of VICE, across our entire network – from digital, to social to linear – around the world. Action Button will empower our audience to engage with our content in a more meaningful way, taking action on the issues that matter most to them."
Katherine Keating
Editor In Chief
VICE Impact
"HuffPost’s DNA has always been to drive quality journalism with positive social impact and change. The Action Button enhances our mission and helps empower our global audience to get involved in a meaningful way with issues they care about."
Katie Nelson
News Director
The Huffington Post
"At Guardian US we believe our journalism is stronger when our readers are at the heart of the story, engaging with conversations and debates in meaningful ways. We’re really interested to work with Speakable ​to use the Action Button within upcoming articles and series in order to provide our community with a way to take action on the issues that matter to them."
Lee Glendinning
The Guardian US

Become a partner

To become a publishing partner with Speakable, please contact us. We will be sure to answer any questions you have and set you up for a seamless technical integration.